The Multiple Exchange Trading Platform

The Multiple Exchange Trading Platform

SignalBot is transforming into much more than just a simple TradingView execution engine. It is becoming a multi-exchange trading platform.

With SignalBot, you’re able to connect multiple exchanges to your account and run them simultaneously. You can even link exchange pairs across multiple exchanges together to create order mirroring. Create a Master Signal from one pair and broadcast it to any of your other pairs to create a robust trading strategy!

Want to sell Bitcoin on every exchange simultaneously? With SignalBot, it’s possible. Simply create your Exchange Connection and Trade Pairs, then on any exchange pair enable “Signal Master”. This pair now becomes a signal generator, so anything that happens on this pair can be consumed by any other pairs that are tied into this signal!

This allows cross-pair trading using data from a single trading pair, mirroring signals from one exchange to another and even allows you to publish the trade signals to the Marketplace to create an additional source of revenue and to gain momentum on an exchange using your trading strategy!

We’re constantly adding features to SignalBot. Signup now to gain Beta access to our system before we make our platform available to the public!

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  1. CF

    20th Mar 2021 - 3:44 pm

    Very interested in this feature.

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