SignalBot Beta has been released.

SignalBot Beta has been released.

We’re pleased to announce that SignalBot has opened it’s beta platform. Currently our beta is a simple Webhook API that allows real-time TradingView signals to be passed directly to your HTTP endpoint.

If you’re interested in joining the beta test phase, please contact us on the “Sign Up” form listed on the site. We’re accepting testers for their feedback and for reviews on trading websites. We’re limiting the number of users that we will allow into our beta program, so please sign up quickly.

Beta users that provide useful feedback to us and useful information to the community may be offered free long-term usage of SignalBot.

Alpha testers, we thank you for growing with us from the beginning! Your accounts are automatically being converted to Beta status and you continue to test and use the service as usual.

We’re excited to be the only service providing real-time signals from TradingView. Thank you for joining our team, everybody.

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