Copy and share trading signals direct from exchange signals for Bitcoin and Altcoins

Copy and share trading signals direct from exchange signals for Bitcoin and Altcoins

SignalBot is proud to announce its latest feature, Direct Signal Mirroring. With Direct Signal Mirroring, your trading signals are guaranteed to be instant and 100% accurate. As a Signal Master, you will be able to share your trading strategy with others and guarantee accuracy through proof of PnL without any intervention.

The system works by mirroring the orders that are placed on our supported network of exchanges. There are currently two methods for sharing your real-time signals.

Direct Order Copy

Direct Order Copy is a unique feature of SignalBot and provides a comprehensive order copying mechanism that allows for even the most complex trading strategies to be shared. This method mirrors your orders to Signal Followers at whatever given price and size that the order is placed at. This allows Signal Followers to have full transparency of a Signal Master’s orders and allows them to automatically place orders using the same order scheme that the Signal Master is using. This is useful for Signal Masters that utilize limit orders for their primary order technique. Order sizes will be calculated as a percentage basis of the Signal Master’s available balance. Orders that are removed from the Signal Master’s queue will also be removed from the Signal Follower’s queue. This will allow Signal Followers to mirror complex trading strategies such as cascade / pyramid limit orders, for example. The Signal Follower can choose how much of it’s own balance to stake on the strategy and the orders will then be placed on the Signal Follower’s account in the same percentage ratio as the Signal Master’s orders.

Using SignalBot’s advanced trade order mirroring system, you can effectively create a trading strategy on one exchange and effortlessly mirror your actions to other exchanges that you’re trading on! Direct Signal Mirroring is also a publishable trading system that you can lease to other followers on the SignalBot Marketplace.

Executed Order Copy

This is a more traditional approach to trade signals. This method shares a Signal Master’s orders only if they are executed. In situations where the Signal Master generated a Market Order, the signal will be broadcast instantly. In the case where the Signal Master is utilizing a Limit Order, the signal is only mirrored when the order has been touched. With this method, you’re able to provide simple trading signals to your followers.

SignalBot is currently the only service that provides a method for mirroring full trading strategies in their entirety, with no loss of orders or trading data. Utilizing our robust trading system provides traders with the ability to create advanced trading strategies and mirror them across exchanges using their own accounts, or publish them to the SignalBot Marketplace for others to follow, which for proven successful strategies can provide a significant additional source of income for Signal Masters.

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