It’s been over a year since SignalBot beta has been live and we’re happy to announce that we’ve reached over 10,000 active beta testers. If you’re still waiting to be accepted into the beta program, please be[…]

SignalBot is transforming into much more than just a simple TradingView execution engine. It is becoming a multi-exchange trading platform. With SignalBot, you’re able to connect multiple exchanges to your account and run them simultaneously. You can[…]

SignalBot is proud to announce its latest feature, Direct Signal Mirroring. With Direct Signal Mirroring, your trading signals are guaranteed to be instant and 100% accurate. As a Signal Master, you will be able to share your[…]

SignalBot is proud to announce that we’re in the Alpha testing stages for our TradingView to BitMex automated trading solution! With our new connector, you’re able to connect your winning TradingView strategies into your BitMex account and[…]

We’re pleased to announce that SignalBot has opened it’s beta platform. Currently our beta is a simple Webhook API that allows real-time TradingView signals to be passed directly to your HTTP endpoint. If you’re interested in joining[…]